Friday, May 15, 2009

Well, Jacob was finally baptized on Sunday! We had a great day with the family and his godparents, Uncle Steve and Aunt Erin, were awesome. My grandparents came in from St. Louis and they look better than ever! It was nice to celebrate with them and this was the first time my Grandpa met little Jacob.
He was good during the LONG service until they called his name and we had to take his toy away from him - never take a toy away from prince Jacob....................! All in all he did great and the day was a great success.

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Jacob's new pool!

The family at our church

Jacob and his mohawk

Winston always steals his toys!

I know Grandpa would in a minute:)

Jacob and Mommy

Waiting for Santa to come

Of course we cannot forget our dog Winston. He is an English Black Lab. The best dog ever! He loves Jacob and they get along great.

Jacob visits santa. He did so good! His cousins Ethan and Parker did not do too well... I'm sure Jacob will be afraid of Santa next year, we will see!

Jacob's Nursery

Jacob's Nursery

Jacob and Daddy

Jacob and daddy sleeping after a long night!

Jacob on Halloween. He was a kitty. How adorable?!

Jacob and cousin Emerson. Emerson LOVES baby Jacob - she cannot keep her hands off of him. She wishes she could hold him all day:)

The sweetest baby ever:)

Aunt Jen from Chicago. Jen was my roommate all four years at the University of Dayton. She comes to see Jacob often and this day we went to the pumpkin patch!

Jacob and Mommy