Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jacob is crawling! He started crawling on April 18th, so I can officially say he started to crawl at 6 months! He is all over the place....his poor little knees are all red but he just keeps going and going. Just the other day he started to pull up, so I think walking is not far away.
We took him to his first Reds game on Sunday. He was a little afraid of all the cheering (especially the man behind us who yelled at every player). But all in all he did great. The weather was warm so Chad and I made sure we put a ton of sunscreen on him!
He still hates all food. This child will not eat for me, it is such a struggle at each and every meal time! I am not sure what else to do at this point. All he wants to do is crawl around and as soon as I put him in the high chair he screams because he knows food is coming:) Everyone says it will get better, but he has been like this since he was born - just not a huge fan of eating!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Eve!! Jacob is upstairs sleeping away this afternoon.... He had a really big day! We woke up this morning and went to the club with Gigi, Gpa, Aunt Erin, Uncle Steve, Parker and Ethan for an early breakfast then off to an Easter egg hunt and a little petting zoo. Then we went to the Cincinnati Zoo for more Easter fun. Jacob saw an elephant, snakes, manatee and a couple of lions... then he fell alseep in the stroller. He was SOOOO good today I can hardly stand it. We are off to Madison tomorrw afternoon after the Easter bunny visits our house. He has already received a ton of gifts from everyone:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sometimes people really make me wonder...... I was in the mall a couple weeks ago with Jacob (in Express actually) and I heard these people whispering next to me "you ask her......no you ask her...!" Finally I looked over at them after figuring out they were talking about me and the guy says - "Mam, can we ask you a question? Did you shave your baby's head to look like a mohawk???" I was like are you kidding me?? NO!!!!!!!! I know his hair is growing in really funny and he looks like he has a mohawk, but come on!! People really have a lot of nerve! Look at the picture above and you can see it really well:)
Well, Jacob is almost crawling. He gets up on all fours and crawls for about 2 seconds then stops. I think a little more practice and he will be on his way! It's so amazing how fast he is growing.... It feels like just yesterday he was born!! Today we are going to the doctor for his 6 month checkup and more yucky shots. I just hate the shots - especially when we are in the car on the way to the Dr and I look at him through the mirror in his car seat (which he LOVES to ride in the car) and he is just smiling away - not a clue where we are going!! I literally breaks my heart - I hate it!
Anyways, Easter is this weekend and we are going to an Easter egg hunt at the Cincinnati Zoo. We can't wait - even though he will not understand yet, he can look back at the pictures. Gigi bought him the cutest little outfit, I will post the pictures after this weekend.

Jacob's new pool!

The family at our church

Jacob and his mohawk

Winston always steals his toys!

I know Grandpa would in a minute:)

Jacob and Mommy

Waiting for Santa to come

Of course we cannot forget our dog Winston. He is an English Black Lab. The best dog ever! He loves Jacob and they get along great.

Jacob visits santa. He did so good! His cousins Ethan and Parker did not do too well... I'm sure Jacob will be afraid of Santa next year, we will see!

Jacob's Nursery

Jacob's Nursery

Jacob and Daddy

Jacob and daddy sleeping after a long night!

Jacob on Halloween. He was a kitty. How adorable?!

Jacob and cousin Emerson. Emerson LOVES baby Jacob - she cannot keep her hands off of him. She wishes she could hold him all day:)

The sweetest baby ever:)

Aunt Jen from Chicago. Jen was my roommate all four years at the University of Dayton. She comes to see Jacob often and this day we went to the pumpkin patch!

Jacob and Mommy